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"CLASSIC SPORT IGNITION povides you with more possibilities"


The Programmable CSI PRO:


The CSI PRO can be linked with a USB module or a Bluetooth module.

So the same distributor can be programmed with a Windows laptop or

Android / iOS smartphone.

The CSI PRO has the unique function to edit and write curves even while the engine is running.

 Optimized with vacuum advance:

Suitable for standard and light tuned engines with vacuum advance unit. We provide an ignition in which, in addition to the standard curves, also different tuned curves for your vehicle, are programmed by  our specialists. In programming these curves we’ve also taken into account the most common modifications to cylinder heads, camshafts and carburetors.

 Tuned without vacuumadvance:

Suitable for engines without vacuum advance unit. With this implementation, you can often achieve better  torque and power results, because by the absence of the vacuum advance unit, it is less likely to suffer from detonation under partial load. This ignition is especially suitable for the more tuned engines with for example a Weber carburetor.

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