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"Modern technology in the original casing"


The Classic Sport Ignition is a totally electronic ignition. By replacing mechanical advance timing with electronics. There are 16 selectable pre-programmed advance curves to choose from ensuring the car has the correct ignition timing no matter how many revs the engine is running at. Additives have drastically changed the characteristics in  modern petrol which doesn’t correspond with the factory settings of your car. Our programming has taken this into account. It guarantees an optimum combustion as a result of which your engine will perform better at all revs. Because of the stronger spark and accurate timing the engine will start easier and run more regularly when idling. You can gain power and torque by playing with the different curves.

There is no more maintenance because; the contact points, the mechanical advance and vacuum mechanism have been replaced by modern electronics. Tolerances in the timing are now a thing of the past. The electronics are totally integrated into a casing that resembles the original. Once the distributer cap is fitted, there is no visible  difference.



The Classic Sport Ignition is developed for the classic race and rallysport and has proved there versatility in Monte-Carlo Rally Historic, Wintertrail, Tulpenrally, Carrera  Copacabana and Amsterdam-Beijing amongst others.
The Classic Sport Ignition can be very easily adjusted. There is no need to disassemble the distributer. All you have to do is open the distributer cap and with a small  screwdriver you can choose one of the sixteen curves. A flashing LED shows which curve you have chosen.

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